World Media Thought Kyle Rittenhouse Shot 3 Black People... He Did Not


Do you know that the world media thought that Kyle rittenhouse shot three black guys? You come somebody a white supremacist, you must assume that he's targeting black people, right? Listen to Glenn greenwald, on Fox News the other night, talking he lives in Brazil interestingly enough. So when you see Glenn greenwald, the independent journalist on Tucker Carlson are on TV. He's coming to you from, I think Rio de Janeiro, but not mistaken. He doesn't live here in the United States. He watches the world media. Listen to Glenn greenwald's analysis of the way the world media covered the Kyle rittenhouse case. If you rely on the media, you should feel betrayed, you know, I'm somebody before I was a journalist who worked as a lawyer inside courtrooms for more than a decade. So I knew that it's very difficult to cast a judgment about an event this complex without seeing the evidence at trial. So I waited before forming a judgment. And when I did sit down to watch the trial, I was infuriated that everything I had been taught to believe about what happened here by the media was radically different than the facts of the case as they developed. And Dan, I don't know if you've seen this, but multiple media outlets around the world, like the biggest ones in Brazil in Holland in the UK have all repeatedly reported that the people that Kyle rittenhouse killed were black because they were misled by the American media who kept saying this was a white supremacist on a terrorist hunt and therefore they naturally presumed because they were deceived also by the American media that his victims were black. Isn't that incredible that actual media outlets around the world reported that Kyle rittenhouse shot black people? The three people he shot were white.

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