Liberian teen becomes hero for finding and returning $50,000


A teenager in Liberia who found fifty thousand dollars and returned it to its rightful owner is getting praise invitations and threats Emmanuel too low says he was riding his motorcycle taxi on a highway when he spotted a bunch of money wrapped in a plastic bag then the business woman who'd lost the money went on the radio crying he said so he founder and return the money she gave him fifteen hundred dollars in cash and materials Liberia's president invited him for a chat many are praising his honesty but some including some friends say returning the money was dumb but he'll be poor for his whole life and he says he's been threatened I need to protect myself he says too low had to quit school in the seventh grade to run a taxi service with his motorcycle to make money to help his family and he strongly defends his honesty advising others to return anything they may find I'm Rita fall lay

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