Tight Virginia race becomes referendum on Biden presidency


One of the most closely watched elections today is the race for Virginia governor considered a bellwether ahead of next year's midterm elections former governor Terry McAuliffe remains optimistic he'll win a second term we're gonna take the jeans and I accept the well known Democrat who ran the state from twenty fourteen to twenty eighteen has watched an early lead dwindle to a statistical dead heat with Republican businessman Glenn young can tons of momentum I mean I'm not kidding the momentum in this race is something else early on young can have embraced Donald trump's policies but now has sought some distance political analyst Dr Larry Sabato says the tightness of this race sends a signal to national Democrats Republicans will take heart in that end will project this forward rightly or wrongly to November twenty twenty two when a third of the Senate the whole house of representatives and thirty six governorships on the ballot president Biden won the state of Virginia by ten percentage points just last year I'm Jackie Quinn

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