A highlight from Davis Cup Finals - Group Stages done, bring on the knockouts

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While folks, it is 9 47 p.m. in London I'm Solihull and ten 47 p.m. in Madrid, which is obviously where matters and where a lot of the tennis community is right now a lot in Innsbruck and in Turin as well, of course. And just moments ago we watched 40 year old Feliciano Lopez walk out onto court in Madrid to play a decisive doubles rubber for his country, a rubber that is decisive, precisely because he couple of hours earlier when he was also 40 years old, beat 24 year old Andrei Rublev to keep Spain's hopes alive of qualifying for the quarterfinals. He is alongside muscle granose. They're taking along they're taking on the Russian team of Aslan karatsev and Andrei Rublev. The scenario here is very simple for Spain. If they win their through to the quarters, if they lose their out, the scenario is rather more complicated for Russia and various other teams that will be affected by this result. I really wish for your sake in mind that I could tell you very simply right now who through to the quarterfinals and why but that is so far from being the case. Yes, how are we enjoying round Robin people? I'm hating it with

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