Who Is Nick Searcy?


We have millions of lessons across the nation. Some of them may have been trapped under a rock for the last 40 years. So just in case they don't know who Nick Cersei is tell the world all of our listeners and viewers where you hail from where the Cersei's are from, how you got into this crazy business of films and just tell us that little canned version of your life so far. Well, I grew up in little town in the mountains of North Carolina called color weed colorway North Carolina. For some reason, there was a university in my town and as a child I did some plays at the university when I was in the battle 11 or 12. And so after that, that was I got hooked on it and I just wanted to be an actor. And of course, back then living in North Carolina. I didn't know anyone that was an actor. So I didn't really know how to go about it, but, you know, I went to studied acting in school, went to New York, did the plays to be odd jobs and the limousine driving and all that stuff. And found a way to move back to North Carolina in about 1989 when my daughter was born and wound up getting a part in a movie called fried green tomatoes, which kind of put me on the map. And I kind of had a career after that. So that's it in a

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