NFL playoff picture after Week 13: AFC, NFC both wide open with no teams having clinched


NFL. But I often feel like these playoffs on my finals is when Alabama just reminds you, oh yeah, they've got all the guys. I mean, think about for Connor cook and Michigan state and Jake browning, Washington team. Who am I forgetting here? Kyler Murray, and Oklahoma, they just they kill these teams in the semifinals. And so group of 5 are Notre-Dame last year. Group of 5 are not group of 5. I wouldn't like almost anyone's chances against Alabama semifinal. Well, the part I wonder about is will or offense a line be able to protect against will Anderson and that group. I mean, Alec pierce is a big time matchup problem for Alabama. They're starting running back is really explosive. He came from Alabama. He was a special player. He got Desmond. They wish they had him this year. Yeah, and they have like I said they have edge rushers and two good corners. They could be a problem, you know? I'm interested to see that game. We have plenty of time to talk about it. But you would ask me, you would ask me what it's like to see. Nippert

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