Alex Berenson: More Media Censorship Is Coming


And I'm really worried like you said with the vaccines I just had a breakthrough case Alex It wasn't mild I'm not trying to extrapolate anything from that It's a single subject design It's just me Maybe other people have I'm telling you my case wasn't mild and I feel like today during the show I'm saying to myself this episode will probably get banned somewhere just because I told people factually accurate information I'm really worried about that No I think you're right I don't think you're off conflict at all I think this is a huge issue going forward I think as I said I've been banned from Twitter but I think a Twitter censorship is going to get worse because Jack Dorsey certainly was the CEO of Twitter the founder he's stepping down I think there's a belief among a lot of people that Twitter is going to start to censor even more aggressively And you are absolutely correct By the way I think everybody should be allowed to speak Basically everybody should be allowed to speak And if you have some dumb conspiracy theory that the vaccines are filled with silicon nanoparticles or whatever that will get the speech will drown out speech and it will get worked out That said when you ban people like me who are clearly making their best effort to be serious journalists you're going to drive people to weirder conspiracies Okay you're going to drive people into the hands of these people who say this vaccine is around to depopulate people I don't believe that I don't write that but when you ban people like me you're naturally going to raise suspicion among people who are predisposed to conspiracy theories So it's a terrible idea It's terrible for our country I mean I have to believe that the Democrats eventually are going to see that this is a mistake But they haven't

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