Author Stephen Meyer on the Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe


Back. I'm talking to my friend, Stephen Meyer, the author of many books, the new one is the return or rather return of the God hypothesis. Three scientific discoveries that reveal the mind behind the universe. Before we go much further, what are those three scientific discoveries in a nutshell? Absolutely. The first is that the universe, the physical universe of matter spacetime and energy is best we can tell had a beginning of finite time ago in the past. Before which there was presumably, therefore, no matter or energy to cause the universe to come into existence. Secondly, that from the beginning of the universe are soon there after the basic parameters of physics have been exquisitely finely tuned to allow for the possibility of life, suggesting a fine tuner, if you will for the origin of the universe. And then thirdly, in the realm of biology in the foundation of life, and even the simplest living cells, scientists have found digital information, stored in DNA, as well as a complex information storage, transmission and processing system. It's just absolutely awesome. And which points to as I argue in the book, a master programmer for life. So we see evidence of design at the foundation of life in the universe, and we see that the universe itself had a finite beginning suggesting a creation event at some time in the

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