A highlight from Teneshia Jackson Warner | Achieving Your Big Stretch Dream

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Where I sit in my personal experience. And I know everyone journey will look different. But in my personal belief, it's a co creation with God and a higher power. And there's a God that dwells within us. You have to almost get in relationship with that voice. You know, that inner voice, this guiding you, that's not just you. That's connected to a higher power. Right. I mean, you can start getting in a dance with that in spirit, absolutely unbelievable. And that's where purpose. That's where, you know, your reason for being. Are you on the planet? All of that starts to shape up through that. So absolutely. Hey, welcome to the dose a show dedicated to deep and engaging conversations highlighting individuals that are in the pursuit of authentic and courageous leadership who poach life with insatiable curiosity bold action and common sense in these divisive and uncommon times. It's my hope that you take something away from each and every one of these conversations. Apply to your own life. As we all intentionally attempt to become the best we can possibly be, being drawn towards our purpose and calling committing to a life of service and making this place better than we found it and living true lives of consequence. Today's guest meets all of those criteria tanisha Warner and this is actually an episode on the other project that I produced that are podcasts that produce next level method. I wanted to share it here 'cause I'm trying to increase the awareness of my project next level with method with the owner of Matt lily. Teenager Warner is the author of the big stretch. She's the founder and CEO of

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