Is Roe v. Wade on the Ropes?


We did know that the abortion case was taken up by the United States Supreme Court, the third branch of government article three, 9 justice on the Supreme Court in that way for a 150 years, the current regime wants to change it. And they want so essentially the issue is this is that Mississippi has passed a law that outlaws abortion at 15 weeks. The Mississippi solicitor general has decided to take that law and defend it through court, the pro abortionists, the people that are on the side that it's not a human life, it's just something else called the cells, the center for reproductive rights, they're arguing out in front of the Supreme Court. Now, I'll be very honest. My expectations were low. I'm a very pro life individual. I speak out about the scourge of abortion. We've done that on many different occasions here on this program and on our podcast. In fact, I encourage you to check out the Seth Gruber conversation from this last weekend. Connor, what great timing that we posted Seth Gruber when we did? We were holding on to that sets of dear friend. He is one of the most articulate pro life activists. I encourage you to check out that podcast, the best case against abortion you will hear. And I did not expect to have much action. I expected the justices actually Alito and Thomas I expected to probably draw a line. I didn't expect some of the middle justices like Gorsuch or Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett to start to signal that they were somewhat sympathetic with the Mississippi abortion law. Now we have a lot of sound that I want to get to here. We have a lot of different kind of cuts that I want to get and the name of the case because you're going to be hearing this time and time again is Dobbs versus Jackson's women's health organization. Dobbs V Jackson and it's looking like for just kind of a bystander that roe versus wade might be on the ropes.

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