Dan Schools Hapless 'Fact-Checker' Tom Kertscher


Many of you listen to my show specifically my podcast know that we become the target of America's worst fact checker a colossal diploid tool bag known as Tom kercher Tomson embarrassment to his family the country the cosmos sentient beings anywhere oh this is the part of the show there Yeah don't piss me off Don't do it So Tom targets my Facebook page because he's a hapless buffoon who couldn't get a real job So he works for politis Just take a look at his picture on the screen You'll know what I mean Tom kercher's name and what he does is he sits at home all day probably in a snuggie eating cocktail weenies and he goes through my Facebook page and because my Facebook page is a quite popular place to find truth and he's probably a leftist nut He tries to find posts that they can flag Now we're taking it up with Facebook that this guy has personally targeted my page He spends an inordinate amount of time doing it So I had posted the other day that Joe Biden's infrastructure Bill which we don't have the tax money for is going to hike the deficit by the amount of spending because we don't have the tax base to pay for it Now how he managed to threaten by three threatens us by the way He sends us these emails You will respond by 5 p.m. you can kiss my caboose there daddy O You're gonna threaten me look at you you goof wad You get a threat me What are you kidding me What do you like Joe Pesci from Goodfellas a spider I think it'd be a Drake boom should have been a leg I mean he sends me this threatening email You better send us the facts to back that up You want me to send up just to be clear send you the facts To back up a prediction about the accumulation of a fiscal deficit that hasn't happened yet This is where the this is what these fact

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