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Extra time is exactly how I find it out. What's going on in the MLS? Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. We're trying to cook up some great stuff for you guys. That's why he's here. Oh, from New York, New York, you are listening to extra time, driven by continental tire from the AT&T 5G virtual studios, I am Andrew weavy with my partners in soccer. Kailyn Carr. David goss. Matt Doyle. We made it. We're almost there. The regular season, but one week is left unless you don't count that today, Monday is actually the end of week 34 and that I don't know the math gets fuzzy from there, but we made it. How are you guys feeling? A lot of steak this week. 7 playoff spots for 12 teams, seating, lots of seating, only the rebs are locked in, the number one spot in the east, of course, and out west homefield advantage and a CCL spot that's been under promoted probably by I don't know. Point the finger right at me. Us because the top team in the west will get a CCL spot so that could be one of three teams, sporting sounders or the rapids, and if one of those teams that have already qualified wins and less cup, it would then go down in the supporter shield standing so you want to be in pole position there. Doyle. I know that you probably watched the no offense in the rest of us. More soccer than we do. How are you feeling, man? To be at this point of the season. Right now, November 1st. A little exhausted, and I have like eternal respect for the players and coaches and staffs that have made it through this season because this was not a normal year, this regular season started in mid April. There have been I think infinite number of international breaks and tournaments is interspersed in between it. That's on top of leagues cup in CCL and everything else. So yeah, I'm a little wrung out. I am happy we have made it to the end of the regular season intact. I am utterly shocked at some of the stuff that has happened in the standings. NY CFC going from the worst team in the world to 9 points in a week. We're talking about the missing the playoffs on this show ten days ago, and now we're talking about the maybe getting second seed in the Eastern Conference. It's been it's been a ride man. It has been it has been a hell of a lot to try to process week after week. And I look it back at some of the stuff that I write on the weekend and at the time I stand by it, but stuff changes in this league. So damn fast. That your head's got to be on a swivel, and it's all just kind of a blur. Toil. So that's the dark bags under the eyes take. Yeah, just turn this through Lisbon. 6 days. And now I don't know what's going on. Any team in this league is anymore. You say that, and why CFC? I'm like, oh, and I say if she's not gonna make the playoffs, I come home, and the headline is NYC best team in the league, Tati where it's my best form. We're just getting hot. I'm like, I thought Tati was in the trash bin. Where are we now? Golden Boot now. Come on. Yeah, golden. Sitting at the top. And the best way to. Find a way to fit them in, I guess. I don't know, man. I can't explain that one. Yeah, look, it's been a lot. It's gonna be really fun. This whole next week is gonna be a blast 'cause we have Monday Night Football. Of course, tonight you've got Seattle sounders and LA galaxy we'll talk about that more in a second, it's on two DN on Twitter and English if you want to watch it. Ten p.m. eastern, maybe you're one of those folks that downloads extra time. The moment that it comes out at 5 p.m. eastern will get you ready for that one. Tuesday, again, vanity sartini and the Vancouver white cops, andiamo two hands on the table going to LAFC trying to stay above the line. LAFC trying to pull their way up above despite the fact that Minnesota got a win and hurt their chances this weekend. We'll talk about that. Did I miss that? Yes. Yes. That was amazing. I'm sorry that you weren't here for that, 'cause you would have truly been delighted by everything that Vinny sartini represents as a human. Did he remember at the hotel two years ago? He did, yeah, he was like, he did. He was like, yeah, David's right hand. He didn't say that. You're a bad liar. He's always gonna go in your life. Santa isn't real. I love that this is like the celebrity thing of like, did Benny's artini remember me? Well, two years ago in November 13 his name. So David was ahead of us to all of this. Oh, by the way, speaking of some celebrity sightings this weekend, Halloween trick or treating last night, Susan Novak lives in my neighborhood. My wife unwittingly sent Cameron to the front door of Susan of his house in a sounder's hood. Which Seth wasn't very happy about there, but I was dressed up as The Rock. So sorry. I just couldn't. I could feel it as always. Portugal. I'm in Portugal. And I just felt a disturbance in the force. I open up my phone and it's just weebie trolling everywhere. He's like a bear going into business. Just tearing it up. All right, that's it. I'm full. But look, decision day, 2021 coming on Sunday, November 7th and guess who's doing your second screen watch along show. You don't have to guess. It's us. We wouldn't talk about it if it wasn't us, but we are going to do this and do 5 hours, so we'll find a way to intersperse bathroom breaks and food and whatever else we need to survive those 5 hours. But it's going to be the four of us, special guests. They will bring in Charlie Davies. We're going to try to bring in produce beignets. I'm out trying to pull in other guests as well to just pop in. We're going to watch the games will assign games will have goal alerts on screen. You'll see the standings, changing as it happens as the results dictate. The scores will be there. I think we're going to have highlights for you as well. So think of it this way.

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