Kyle Rittenhouse Takes the Stand at His Trial


Cal rittenhouse is testifying. He was called by his defense team to testify about the triple shooting. It killed Joseph rosenbaum and Anthony huber and wounded gauge grass roots here is Kyle rittenhouse on the stand in Kenosha Wisconsin. I knew Nick was Smith and Dominic black. You did not know the owner of car surfs previously. I did not. Was he being nice to you guys? Was he happy you were there? Was he mad at you for being there? Describe it. He was happy we were there. And you heard testimony that you owners, I believe that was Friday afternoon. I did. And did they give you permission to be there? They did. And the other individuals in this photograph, some of whom have testified in this trial. Ten minutes before this photograph was taken. Did you know any of them? I did not. Did you ever spoke into any of them? No. And when you were there, what was the idea? Was there a plan? What was going to happen? Yes, the plan was to I went down there to provide first aid. I also, I brought my orange first aid kit, the fanny pack, and I also brought my pelican box which was filled with first stage stuff. By my feet to provide first aid. The orange box by your feet you referred to as a pelican body? Yes. Did you have that before the 25th? Yes. Was it stock? Yes. With things that you would bought and brought? Yes. Nope. All right, we lost the feed there. We'll pick it up where we left off. It's got your reaction to this testimony. It's powerful, it's riveting, compelling, and again, it contradicts the narrative that this was a cold blooded killer, the way Joe Scarborough and the MSNBC clowns characterized

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