Chris Pratt Blasted for Note to Katherine Schwarzenegger


It is very rare that I comment on the world of Hollywood. However, I'm a human relations and insight into what feminism the damage feminism is done to the minds of so many people. Men as well as women though mostly women. I share with you a story from the daily mail. Chris Pratt, big actor. He's 41. He posted a photo of himself and his wife Catherine. Who's 31? Oh, really? Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter. On a November 2nd. He is accused. This is the headline. Chris Pratt is accused of sexism. The drop in to catch this? After Instagram post, in which he called wife, Catherine Schwarzenegger, oh, that would have been a giveaway. How many towards the negatives do you know, not related to Arnold? His greatest treasure. Now, are you following what I just said? You really don't? That's fascinating. Oh, I love this. This is one of those examples of where I could have the two of you in my quiz game. Why is his calling his wife his greatest treasure sexist? Yes, exactly. Exactly. I'm double COW and McConnell. Oh, my God. He's arguing. I can't believe it. One of the brightest people I know and he's doing something so stupid. He's arguing with the left. That's mind boggling. It means he owns her.

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