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Today's Chicago police are searching for SUV used in the deadly shooting of a suburban restaurant owner last week on the northwest side. Peter rim was riding in a vehicle Thursday morning in the forty one hundred block of west diversity when someone in a Nissan rogue shot and killed him thirties now have released a photo of the rogue rim on several restaurants in the northwest suburbs, including bistro Sabi and L casino in lake in the hills. An autopsy scheduled for later today on the potty of a woman found inside a closed medical center on the near southside yesterday, Chicago police say she is somewhere in her fifties. So obvious indications of foul play. They made the discovery inside the former home of the Sykes center at twenty fifth and king. Dr President Trump says he's going to sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship for babies born in the United States to mothers who are not citizens. That's what he has told axios. Hit an interview he's going to run into problems though, namely the fourteenth amendment. The supreme court has reaffirmed the meaning of the fourteenth amendment on multiple occasions that citizenship extends to birth in the US, regardless of the legal status of the parents and two brothers and a doctor who were killed in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting will be laid to rest today funeral services are scheduled for this morning for brothers. David and see so roles in thaw, and Dr Jerry Rabinovitz, and those are the headline sports sponsored by northwestern basketball. Chicago's big ten team. The splash brothers splashed the bulls right out of the United Center, mainly one of them Klay Thompson who had missed thirty one of his thirty six three point. Coming in had a much better night. He set an NBA record fourteen threes fourteen out of twenty four while scoring fifty two and the warriors who set a team record with seventeen threes in the first half beat. The bulls won forty nine to one twenty four Monday night football considerably lower scoring New England over buffalo twenty-five six. Neither team scored a touchdown till the patriots got a pair of them one ofensive one defensive in the fourth quarter. The bears will be in buffalo on Sunday. They're still waiting for definitive word on the foot injury suffered by guard. Kyle long on Sunday late in the win over the New York Jets the Cleveland Browns fired their coach hue Jackson who is brought back this year despite going winless last year three thirty six and one in two plus seasons. Also gone offense coordinator Todd Haley, the D coordinator. Greg Williams was named the interim coach the college football. Playoff selection committee will unveil its first rankings of the season tonight. Of course, doesn't really mean a whole lot until early next month when they come out with the one that determines the playoff matchups and the White Sox have declined their option on pitcher James shields and exercise a two million dollar buyout. So shields becomes a.

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