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Because that's what's going to happen. They want to take away your healthcare because you won't be able to have it. Our country will be able to afford it. Destroy your second amendment and throw open your borders to deadly drugs, and vicious gangs. Because plenty of them are coming across at a lot of drugs. Democrats have become the party of crime. It's true. Who would believe you could say that nobody even challenges it six hundred forty two thousand crimes committed against Texans. I sat through the security briefing would then governor Rick Perry over a seven-year period of time, including yes, very heinous crimes, some murders, some petty, but real severe damage done to the state of Texas because of open borders, and has no Gingrich said, yeah, there are two really big issues now impacting this race, and that is number one the way the Democrats actor in on no due process. No presumption of innocence. We got a caravan of four thousand people trying to make their way across our border. That's happening. Even as we speak Chuck Schumer is absolutely lying when he says across the board. Democrats are overperforming. No, they're not they're not overperforming by any stretch of the imagination. They are. You know, look the hardest race for the Republicans to win in the Senate is going to be Indiana because he got a third party candidate. And if you vote the libertarian, you're only going to hurt yourself and hurt your state and Joe Donnelly, a loyal Schumer supporter is going to win in that state. We heard from Baidoa Rourke. He sounds just like Chuck Schumer. We're going to be in beta raw couldn't get a million viewers. They gave him a whole hour last night on fake news CNN, he couldn't even get one million viewers to watch this ridiculous display of people outside of Texas throwing tens and tens of millions of dollars at a radical Schumer cloned as if the people of Texas share those values they do not. And then of course, we have beta himself. Oh, there's enough to move forward with the impeachment of Trump. I it's over. But I still will be in Houston tomorrow. Rick Perry's gonna be with us. We're doing a town hall and Ted Cruz is gonna be with us. Details on Hannity dot com. That's what eleven o'clock tomorrow morning in Houston. Then we'll be in Beaumont Texas at three thirty tomorrow looking forward to that. And I'll be interviewing Ted Cruz and will be airing a lot of this on Monday. Obviously CNN is they've made their decision who they're supporting which is pretty fascinating. Anyway, we're just eighteen days away from these all important midterm elections. And what do we see we see that Bredesen's? Now been exposed this week in Tennessee is somebody that's is purposefully lying to the people at Tennessee the same with Claire mccaskill we see that. Kristen cinema is falling apart. I mean, literally, John, you know, she she says, oh, it's fine to be fined a join radicals and the Taliban actually said, oh, and by the way, this is the meth capital of the world, Arizona. Oh, by the way, you're crazy and she has anti-war rallies while her opponent Republican Martha mcsally as out fighting for a country. That's not play. Well, very very well right now in the state of Arizona, and you see that Heidi Heitkamp totally out of touch with the people in North Dakota. So it seems a lot of pickups in the making their for the Senate for the Republicans tight race though in Florida both for governor. And for Rick God, always does an amazing job for the people of Florida. Anyway, joining us to Adelaide is where we are eighteen days out is our good friends. Welcome back to the program, John McLaughlin, and Doug Schoen, pollsters, both of them John eighteen days out, what do you see happening? Well, the house is still in play playing the Republicans without a doubt or fighting back gone more aggressive, but still it needs to do a lot more. And and what's really mazing to me is the focus of your exposing the Democrats, and what their agenda is all the time. But the focus of the Republicans really needs to be to expose Nancy Pelosi what she intends to do. I think you played a clip earlier about Schumer in the Senate, and he wasn't very specific about where they're going up in the poll because. The Republicans post cavenaugh have have really done a lot better in in the Senate polls that have come up. I mean when you're talking about Arizona MC Sally's now ahead by a little in Tennessee Republicans leading now decisively, so the so the democrat opportunity takeover Senate, look like they're going off the table and on the other hand, it looks like the Republicans are headed, Missouri. They're they're they're running close races and in Montana, Indiana. West virginia. I mean, even in New Jersey, it's turning into a competitor. It's really looking like New Jersey might be a dog fight for Bob Menendez in the people in New Jersey of had it with him. And now his association with this. Julian Epstein guy that has now become an absolute verbal war between Menendez and his Republican opponent opponent. And now showing up in the polls Doug Schoen, where do you stand eighteen days out? I think where America stands John, and you were right. Unfortunately, I might add is at the Senate has moved pretty decisively Republican. I don't think that New Jersey will go all the way because of his a operationally democratic state, but the other states, you cite, Sean, I think are moving in what I think is the one direction I still have a chance to pull out in Nevada and Arizona both of those have deteriorated above it from my perspective. Active the last week. I think Arizona in particular Bodine Heller was in a very tight race for re-election. The Republican is though it was a two point race a week ago. Donald Trump goes in and now he's up by seven and I saw the crowds when I was out there. It was massive. But the crowd outside was even bigger than the one inside look. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna say I I've seen the same numbers. John, please. Go ahead. Absolutely. I mean, the president is motivating his base, and and the Republicans need to embrace that because nationally when he want he had sixty three million voters, and when the when the midterms occur, we only get ninety million people usually out might be a little more this time, but it won't be as big as one hundred thirty nine million who showed up in twenty sixteen. So if you can get the sixty three million Trump voters motivated that they're coming out again, which the cavenaugh hearings didn't Pierce of backfired particular Senator Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate if you can motivate those Republicans to come out, the Trump voters, those independents Democrats supported him, they have a very good shot of gaining Senate seats, and it's probably the only shot they have a winning the house that downing going after Nancy Pelosi the idea of stopping Nancy Pelosi the most unpopular. Let me tell you what I'm saying radio and TV if you've I don't care what congressional district you're in their four hundred thirty five congressional districts in this country in any of those districts, if you vote for any democrat, you're voting for Pelosi, if you stay home, it's a half a vote for Pelosi and the same in the Senate, if you're going to vote for tester and mccaskill and cinema against dean Heller and Donnelly, and you're gonna vote for you know, Bredesen's just a phony fraud to the people of getting caught on tape debating it and and not put Mark Marsha Blackburn. You'll get the government you deserve. But you really electing and voting for Schumer because they're gonna they're gonna tow the line with Pelosi in the house and tow the line which Schumer in the Senate. That's what do we know that they want? They want to impeach the president. They want endless investigations they want to raise taxes. They're actually saying that they're hiding the impeachment begging, Maxine Waters, not to say it anymore. John Podesta's center for American progress. Is saying all Democrats should not talk about immigration because they want open borders sanctuary cities, sanctuary states that elimination of ice and they want to keep ObamaCare. That's not that didn't work for eight years. Doug and. You know, what why why Don we lose holding a bit of both leading Indiana is say keep ice is saying build the wall and he's saying no impeachment which. The only reason he surviving and not down by five or six now is because you've got a libertarian in that race that is polling at nine percent. You taking libertarian Joe. Donnelly is history in Indiana. Well, I wouldn't be so sure, Sean, but he's running where Democrats need to be in the center. And if we were a centrist party rather than a leftist party with new leadership from top to bottom think we'd be doing a lot better. I think you'd probably agree with that, Sean. How is it possible? The Democrats hold onto Pelosi. And schumer. How was it? I it is phenomenon to me. A one word answer. Sean it's known as money, so she's raising enough money. Yeah. That's what it's all about. And and and he's absolutely right because Sean when we asked in September and a national poll package L when we ask voters if the Democrats take over congress. Do you want Nancy Pelosi speaker, again, only twenty three percent of all motor said. Yes, fifty six percent said, no. But then when we asked him about the fact that you know, if you know that they are kept in that these candidates are accepting millions of dollars that they're raising for their campaigns from Nancy Pelosi. Will they oh their votes to her fifty percent agreed? With that statement only twenty nine percent disagreed evolve. Oaters? So they Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer hold the mortgage on these candidates, and let me tell you for for someone who's involved in congressional races right now trying to defend Republicans. The Democrats are pouring millions of dollars into the racist right now. What impact will these publicans Project Veritas released tapes, and they are stunningly, you know, revealing in terms of the willingness of campaigns to purposely organize a campaign to lie to the people at Tennessee in the case of Bredesen's to lie to the people of Missouri in the in the case of Claire mccaskill to say one thing privately another thing publicly, it tells me Democrats to win they have to they can expose who they are. They can't talk about impeachment which they want. They can't. Talk about immigration and being told not to talk about that. They can't talk about raising taxes. Even though they want that they can't talk about ObamaCare. You know, they want that. I mean, what kind of people are they if they have zero sense of honor, honesty, character and integrity hope you exempt me from the person with exempt you, but you know, what? Nobody's been listening to you. Because they were listening to you. We'd have a whole entirely different slate of candidates, and frankly, the Republicans would never shot this year. Well, thank you. I think that is real compliment. Well, it's a fact I mean radical left now. I'm center, right? Yeah. Listen, I your your style. A democrat, listen, this is party that kicked out. Joe lieberman. Joe Lieberman is one of the most decent men ever. You know, he's very very tough. It was great on on national security issues horrible on social issues nicest person in the world, but he's not left enough for the Democrats and they throw them out. And he's came back and won. But I mean, it says everything you need to know about the modern radical Democratic Party of Schumer and Pelosi. Yeah. All right. Stay right there. We'll take a break, and we'll come back more with Doug Schoen, and John McLaughlin, our pollsters next half hour. We got a lot more to get into later on Mike Lindell. Dr Sebastian Gorka, will join us Bill O'Reilly is going to check in with us today is book skyrocketed right to number one on the New York Times list and week one. Congratulations to him. Hannity tonight nine eastern. We've got an awesome show for you. And then we'll be in Houston, Texas at eleven AM tomorrow. Interviewing Ted Cruz..

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