Matthew’s top waiver wire adds are headlined by Dak Prescott, Josh Adams and Anthony Miller


Match against the falcons, and I've got him a fifteen you've got him a ten. This is the ultimate matchup. It really is right now about as good of a match because you could find in the NFL. Yeah. Let's start there. Seven of the past e quarterbacks to face the falcons have finished QB nine or better. Unreal. Seven out of eight have been at least Cuba nine all have been top fifteen this season. Overall, seventy eight percent of quarterbacks facing the falcons have finished top ten that is worse than the NFL by far that rate for the falcons, they have just a livered to goods for opposing quarterbacks. Look at Dak Prescott and a little closer coming off a big game against the eagles, which I won't talk about specifically. But he's been a top eight fantasy quarterback during three of his past four outings is fourteen offensive touchdowns this season only five interceptions. And again, this is a run heavy. Cowboys offense. Yes, they've been for a long time. But it's not as run heavy. As they've been in years past throwing their little bit, more balanced. It's not like Seattle, which is full on running. It's a little more balanced. So that's a good sign. So I do I think he's the streaming option for sure this week. The only reason I have my reservations running back are nothing to counter what you said, Mike because you make very reasonable points there. It's merely this first of all he's got three rushing touchdowns in his last four games. So call point seven five rushing touchdowns per game. If you were to project him for more or less than that, it would be less. It would certainly be less. Yes. Sometimes when you watch Dak he's like the most frustrating player to watch with Rover. Right. Because like he's just not the most natural throwers in the NFL. And that's a very kind way of putting not generous. He's he's not. He's not a particularly good throw over the football. That's what it comes down to. He has been rather officiant recently though, over his past two games. And maybe it's it's a sm-. It's a small samples as what it really is. But if you want to buy into the Amari Cooper is helping him hype train sixty seven point seven percent completion percentage two weeks ago. Seventy two point two percent completion percentage this past week. And although he's been running the football really effectively. Terms of touchdown scored only twenty rushing yards over his past two weeks. So it's not like he's getting a bunch of designed read option attempts that we have seen in previous junctures of his career. You gotta eighteen point eight points verse for projected fantasy outlook this week. Put it. I'm gonna use them in a couple of nugget you. Yeah. I, you know, I'm sitting here talking to myself out of it. But I'm going to talk myself into it by Sunday morning. You're just gonna flip back and Watson that might be worrying that by the end of the week. It's just such a good matchup. And yes Dion Jones is coming back. But that that off which is great for that defense, but doesn't heal all the woes still obviously, no gala Nielsen Robert still no for karnal. Alan still a several other injuries that have decimated that defense so far this season you, and I are having a conversation about the show about like just the idea that like so much of our thought process has to be process over results and don't look backwards forwards but looking backwards at the Atlanta quarterback points allowed is impossible to ignore. I mean week two and on. Here's the number of points scored by opposing quarterbacks against the falcons twenty seven point six forty four point four twenty four point eight twenty one point three thirty point seven twenty point seven sixteen point four twenty two point six take away the best and take the worst. And it's all scores. North of twenty points. Yeah. So it's like, it's hard to mess up. Someone will at some point.

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