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Win over Wake Forest. You said conversation man Steve Moore to covers Notre Dame forced joins us today. Hey Steve little change in quarterback. And the next thing. You know, we have a Notre Dame offense that we've not seen in the previous two games. More. You guessed that, right, Bob. In fact, Notre Dame heading into today's game at three and the most points scored in any game was twenty four while they more than doubled that today. Maybe Notre Dame should play all of their games on the road. What do you think they went to Winston Salem, South Carolina late in each scored fifty six points blew out the demon deacons fifty six to twenty seven, and as you mentioned the brand new quarterback in book, the coaching staff did a great job of keeping this. Pretty much under wraps all week until late Thursday evening into Friday, Bob, and then it became known that it looked like Ian book would be the starting quarterback. He was indeed Brian Kelly said both quarterbacks would play but book played so well in book played the entire game. And Brandon wimbush never took off his baseball hat is Notre Dame blue mountain Ian book what a game three hundred and twenty five yards passing twenty-five thirty four two touchdowns through the air. He rushed for three. And I'll tell you what. Bob, the offense as you said really came alive. They really you know, what they look. They look good, man. Yeah. They look fantastic. And I thought going into the season, quite frankly that book might have that starting job. But obviously they went with wimbush early. And it didn't cost them anything certainly he's a very capable quarterback. But I just to me book give them something a little more in terms of being able to really throw the football. And and even to go down field. I think book is just that in my mind that type of player in Steve I mean, you're looking at a guy here. Completion percentage is up therefore third down conversions are up. Therefore, you're you know, you're getting more touchdowns. And and not that they had a lot of third down situations, quite frankly. But just the efficiency of that office is better when books in the game. I agree with you mad. And you know, we saw this in the Citrus Bowl victory against issue on January first when he came off the bench in the first half, replace Brandon wimbush, let Notre Dame to that come from behind thrilling. Victory and everybody thought that you know, it was pretty even going into this season as to who would be the starting quarterback. But I think really that head coach Brian Kelly had decided on wimbush that he was Hispanic. He was going to go with him. And you know, it takes a lot of guts to change your quarterback after you've worn your first three games. You're right. Eight in the country. You're starting quarterback wimbush all he has done in sixteen starts starches won thirteen games and lose three this thing. Blows up and Brian Kelly face today. People are going to be saying what is wrong with you. How did you ever come to this kind of decision? But this is why these big time coaches make these big time bucks, and it certainly did work for Notre Dame. And you know, they had a good running game today to Matt I thought the offensive line showed a lot of spark as Jaffar Armstrong carried the ball only eight times for ninety eight yards and a couple of touchdowns. So I thought the offense was pretty well balanced between the run. End the past Notre Dame had five hundred sixty six yards in total told her yards and four start to battle almost four hundred themselves. But it was all Notre, but you know, it's too bad as long as book it's going to be the quarterback. It's too bad to Notre Dame can't play the rest of their games in the state of North Carolina. Because book has started two games for Notre Dame. His career won last year against North Carolina. And Notre Dame won that game handily and then today against Wake Forest and Winston Salem. So he's perfect in the state of North Carolina. But one other thing guys, and I think you both will agree with this of this victory is good. And we know that Wake Forest, but their defense was suspect. Well, the next two weeks for Notre Dame are going to define the season because Notre Dame will come home next week, and they will play Stanford out Stanford will play tonight on the road against Oregon. But if they win that game you're going to have to top ten teams going against. One another in south bend next week Stanford and Notre Dame primetime seven thirty and then Notre Dame will go back on the road on October six and they will play another highly rate team in Virginia Tech. I think you can safely say that ever that. However, Notre Dame ends up in the twenty eighteen season that these next two weeks are going to help define that, Steve I'm gonna go back and talk about the the change the decision to make the change joined just last weekend and talked about it. And I think people recognize effect. Yes, there three, you know. Yes. Brandon wimbush has been the quarterback. Yes, they're ranked number eight. But I don't think collectively anybody felt like they were playing that. Well, I couldn't agree with you more. There was something missing every time that you thought Brandon wimbush had this offense in gear then he would miss two or three throws the knee offense would get stymied. Then the offense would turn the ball over or have a key penalty. There was never any consistency. And I think Bob that's the word. I'm looking for. I think the word you were looking for two. There was never any consistency. And it seemed like the inconsistency started after Notre Dame's host thrive or second drive of the game. Because Notre Dame got off the great starts in all three of those victories that you just mentioned Michigan ball state and Vanderbilt then it just seemed to die the momentum went away. And and that's hard to explain. In fact, I'm not sure anybody can but Brian Kelly have this gut feeling this week that despite. All of those successes as you just mentioned it which tied to make a change. And see if Ian bookie get the job done. And now, I think you can safely say the book is the quarterback. I don't think there's any question about that. And unless there's an injury or he just falls flat on his face against Stanford. And or Virginia Tech in two weeks. I think he book is the quarterback for twenty eighteen. I couldn't agree more. Stephen and glad to see him out there for the fighting Irish. My question is regarding this offense. They in the past. When you when they've had big teams are what you look at a lot of schools that get to the final four the you know the championship game. There's a big time playmaker. A guy on that offense against really you have to gain plan against almost. And and you know, you could you could sell it either way that it's good to be able to distribute to a lot of people or hey, it's good to have a guy that can just break the game open for you Notre Dame is certainly one of those that distributes. I mean, they had four guys carry the ball more than. Seven times. Obviously one of those is the quarterbacks, but nevertheless, and they have seven guys that call at least two passes, and no not anybody had any more than sixty six receiving yards. This is just a team that kind of distributes. Do you think in your opinion? There is a playmaker on that team that can just step up and make things happen out of nowhere. Yeah. You know? I'm really not sure there is Matt I think that's a great point. And I think probably the position where you need that more than anything else. Excuse me, especially with the offense runs is it the wide receiver position and Notre Dame just doesn't seem with chase Klay pool. And the other guys that they can get separation or enough separation that you would like to see now it was a little bit better today. But again, I think that Wake Forest and everybody knew going into the third defense was pretty much suspect. There is not that one guy that you say or the go-to guy as you just mentioned that this is gonna be Josh Adams as running back a year ago. This is his game. I I don't think that this offense is built around that type of player. So I agree with you. I think that it has to be distributed between number of running backs. And as you mentioned that was successful today between a number of wide receivers, including the tight end and alezais back at an outstanding game today for Notre Dame catching the football especially early in the game. I thought Notre Dame's game plan early was very. Not minimal. But certainly wasn't outstanding. As far as trying to make big things happen early. I thought it was very conservative. I guess again is what I'm trying to say that they threw the ball short trying to get Ian book as much competence as they could. And I think they did that now I think next week going into the Stanford game. And again, we don't know how Stanford's going to fare tonight on the road against a good Oregon team, not great Oregon team. But a good Oregon team in Oregon team the drink. I think Notre Dame's gonna have to do that. Because Stanford's defense has been absolutely tremendous in their first part of this season. So yeah, I it's by committee running by committee rowing by committee receiving by committee of the defense a little suspect today, I think that was a little disappointing. But to be very honest with you, I think that's the only disappointment coming out of today's victory. Steve moore. It's our man talking about Notre Dame. They beat Wake Forest today. Fifty-six twenty-seven, Steve it's always great to talk to you. Thanks so much have a great week. All right, Bob, YouTube map. We'll talk to you. Thanks, steve..

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