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Our permission and agreement. It's hard to do. But that should be the goal period. That said nations should be compassionate. We should have effective immigration laws. When you see a column of people that's made up of women children and young men who wanna get across to avoid danger in Guatemala Honduras. It's hard to consider them invaders. Okay. Now, you talked about the importance of a nation should be able to control its borders. President Trump has sent thousands or will ultimately sent he says fifteen thousand US soldiers to the border to control it what there's been some pushback from from various senior military figures. Would you be among them? I don't think it's the move that. I would recommend. I think it also plays to emotion. I actually think it was designed to go before the midterm elections to meet with the idea of invasion of this caravan. But it's actually should be viewed separate from should we control our border? I think that shouldn't be a debate. That's something that we as a nation should do. But when you send a bunch of troops down to the border, and there are some legal limitations of what they can do you need to make sure that you explain to the American people that this isn't a classic invasion, and our soldiers aren't going to man the ramparts and shoot the invaders. Because that's an accurate. Okay. Except we know that President Trump has said I'll tell you this anybody throwing stones rocks like they did in Mexico where they badly police and soldiers in Mexico, we will consider that a firearm implicit in. That is the idea that they might be shot at well. I think it would be dramatically. Tragic to put soldiers in a position where they particularly shoot immigrants moving forward. Okay. And not as wet this. I mean, this is fascinating. It is an extraordinary issue. But there are senior military figures. General Jim WBZ who oversaw the effort to build the Iraqi army and police I think you'll know these figures he said, the militia was where the military is being used for partisan political purposes it's dangerous because it will political politicized the use of force in ways that democracy should avoid now. He said that actually just about the sending of the troops. And he's right. I think do because. Right. I think that we've used military force for political reasons as far back in history as you can record it that said, it doesn't make it right? Particularly for symbol like this for internal domestic politics. I'm critical of this move. But what I want to make sure we don't do is. We don't then say what we should control our borders. Of course, we should. We need to make sure that's clear sometimes we get around the political rhetoric. Forget it can you imagine the image would come up if immigrants came forward, and we use physical force against them. I mean, what it would do to the United States reputation in the world to the morality of the soldiers put in that position is unconscionable. Okay.

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