Football Hall of Famers threaten boycott over health coverage


Allnight Antonio Brown wasn't on hand with the Steelers Monday. Could we see a hall of fame ceremony with fellow hall of famers absent from there is a group of all of that's demanding health insurance coverage and a share of NFL revenues or the former players will boycott the induction ceremonies. Eric Dickerson is leaving the group. He chatted with our Bob Leon outside the lines. The guys deserve this. I mean, we play the most dangerous sport. It is in sports. Pro football, and they deserve it. This way overdue when you go to the hall of fame, and you see the guy can't hardly get around. And they'd have no health care. A lot them have Medicare, Medicaid, the you know, that that's fine. But there's no hill Q, and it should be healthcare. I mean, major league baseball has it. They have a great pension plan. But we don't. Major league baseball. If you play one day and major league baseball, you know, you have health care for the rest of your life. He play forty three days and you had to play for three days. You get thirty thousand for the rest of your life ten years, you get two hundred thousand rescue not even close to that. I gotta say I won't forget, my my good friend deacon Jones when he said to me, Sarah, how much I said, well, I have like forty one I said, I'll probably get like twelve hundred dollars. So you know, what I get? I got two hundred dollars two hundred fifty dollars a month. He said, what am I gonna do with two hundred fifty dollars a month? I think the perception is that all NFL players are rich, and we haven't made, and that's just so far from the truth at your letter is addressed to the head of the hall of fame. David Baker also the Roger Goodell who's the head of the football establishment on that side. And certainly we know about the billions

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