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Thanks for listening tonight. You know after Tuesday night, I thought you and I would do like a victory lap thinking the US Senate would be fifty three fifty four maybe fifty five by the time. They got done counting house of representatives appears to have entered into the age of darkness with individuals, like Maxine Waters, and Nancy Pelosi, etc. Adam Schiff, clowns from California, but what's happening? Now is simply incredible. How much crap do we go through the past two years with the mainstream media, especially CNN, the Clinton news network grossly concern about the Russian meddling in our election that the Russians spent one hundred thousand dollars on Facebook on Botts election pool that was about three billion dollars spent they spent one hundred thousand using dots doing curry just in a way to to vote against Hillary Clinton. We we've gone through two years of meddling and lawsuits and criminal investigations and Muller and all the rest now, I'm watching the meddling of our election happening by democr-. Kratz in Broward County by Brenda Snipes in Palm Beach county by Susan boots and more. I'm looking what's happening in Arizona tonight. What's happening in Arizona is truly unbelievable in that cinemas now running away with the race because of all the voting being done after election day in a war. Hero MC Sally. Seemingly has no chance at all down by ninety thousand votes was still two hundred thousand a gallon about three hours ago, which would have been about seven o'clock eastern time. Fox's reporting the democrat in in Georgia. Stacey Abrams has filed a new lawsuit about three hours ago in the Georgia governor's race, by the way. Brian Kemp is up sixty thousand votes. It's like over however Abrahams filed a federal lawsuit Sunday night asking a judge to delayed certification in the Georgia governor's race by at least one day and make officials count any votes that were wrongfully rejected. If successful the suit would prevent officials from certifying county results to later in the week. They're supposed to do it by. I five five PM on Tuesday. And Georgia's in much better shape than Florida, which looks to be a banana Republic at least those parts and Broward County and Palm Beach county. But now that's throwing the Georgia race in a complete connection. Feathers hundred fifty nine counties hundred fifty nine counties in Georgia. There's one or two counties that Stacey abors like to be recounted. There was a sixty one percent turnout, which is presidential type turnout. She claims there's thirty thousand uncertain votes. They were illegal votes, there were no signature votes. They were double votes that as people who voted for both candidates, and there was also complete fraud. And so over the entire state of of Georgia, which is over two million votes. They alleged the thirty thousand on north of two million should have been counted because they were voting twice for the same office or signatures were not there Abrahams campaign manager, Lauren grow war said the state's numbers can't be trusted and not five thousand votes came in. On saturday. Yesterday, the hell can five thousand votes come in Saturday. How's that possible? I it's really unbelievable. When I'm watching the Democrats do on election night. Brenda Snipes in Broward County filled with fools, and miscreants, like it cowardly sheriff whose personnel would not go in to say the students parkland reported there were six hundred thirty four thousand votes cast in total now, listen to this election night about eleven pm eleven thirty pm to be exact on election night Tuesday night. Brenda Snipes, the clown. The character from Star Wars claim there were six hundred thirty four thousand votes count count cast in Broward County, and the and the and the voting was over six hundred thirty four thousand today. Her office claimed there were seven hundred seventeen thousand votes, which is a differential of eighty three thousand votes. She claimed that eighty three thousand votes came in after Tuesday night after the polls closed. How's that possible? Manufacturer Eighty-three thousand votes. Some votes are found bags in closets. Other votes were found in the trunks of Honda's and thrown in the board of elections. Also, the Florida the Lieutenant governor has announced he is assigned epidemic. But from an election workers stating that it was I witnessed to election officials filling out ballots on their own. How's that possible? How's it possible? How did she accidentally co mingle fifteen illegal votes or the batch of two hundred legal votes? How is it possible? To Florida law says that representatives of both campaigns have the right to be there for the canvassing for the counting about its open representatives of both campaigns were denied entry yet. She even denied that a camera be present during the canvassing the counting of the votes. So Friday, a judge ruled under the leadership of my good friend, Florida governor, Rick Scott. That Brenda Snipes Broward County was in violation of state law because transparency must be needed. There must be integrity. And by the way, she must follow state law. Thirty minutes after the election when the polls closed in Florida, She was supposed to announce all the early voting she failed to do. So she was required by state law to allow representatives of both parties to be present for the counting canvassing the votes. She failed to do that. Now, we have a signed affidavit by the Lieutenant governor saying that an election worker in Broward County, and I witness to election officials in Broward County actually filling out ballots by themselves. And if this wasn't bad enough, the Florida agriculture Commissioner's race says malfeasance has propelled us propelled a discovery of forty three thousand additional ballots out of Broward County. These are the cowards of Broward County that stood down in the parkland shooting. And by the way, the idiotic sheriff Israel, a Broward County registered to vote all the criminals in the Broward County penal system, including one of those they registered was the murderer of this parkland students. What are we to make of this on election night? I went to sleep thinking. Okay. We probably won the race in Arizona. We probably we did win the race in Florida. Right now, there's fifty two US Senate seats that are Republican. I su- Mississippi in December will be fifty three. It should be governor Rick Scott should be fifty four. But they keep finding more votes and more people keep voting and more election officials keep filling out more ballots. How's it possible that in the United States of America and the great state of Florida where I'm broadcasting from tonight? That there's an additional eighty three thousand people voting after election day. How's that? How's it always true that the democrat always wins these elections, whether it was Minnesota, California, New York, Nevada? Arizona, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, or Florida whenever these extra voting takes place. How come all these satchels a ballots, always elect Democrats? Did anyone think of that? And if there was meddling in this election, can we have a federal investigation of clowns, and fools and miscreants like Brenda Snipes who appears to be a character in some Star Wars bar scene. How's it possible? That woman who's repeatedly been in violation for the last ten years. A federal and state law is found by courts is still in charge. She still the supervisor of elections and Broward County. How's that possible? She was appointed by governor, Jeb Bush somehow. Confirmed and allowed to remain in office by Rick Scott and supposedly she's like voted into office, but you can be removed for cause if a year ago in two years ago in four years ago, she was found to be incompetent. Why didn't governor Rick Scott remove her when he had a good chance? I find this unbelievable how on election night. Can she reports? Six hundred thirty four thousand ballots were cast in Broward County here we are five days later, and it's jumped eighty three thousand and almost all of them are democratic. How's that possible? It can't be. It's it's incorrect. We picked up two seats in Indiana and Missouri. We lost one in Nevada that's net. One. That's fifty two Mississippi is going to be a wash still fifty two. I have to assume that if there's a God in heaven that governor Rick Scott will not allow the incompetent fool Senator Bill Nelson to win. But he's only up fourteen thousand votes one on election night. He was up close to one hundred thousand and claim victory. Same thing with Iran to Santa's he's not only up forty one thousand votes, and they're still counting ballots, whether it's Georgia or Florida or Arizona, the Democrats run to court with their attorneys not wanting a fair count of every legal vote. What they want is for the democrat to win. Why does the democrat always win? How's that possible? But a bigger concern, I have stamp back and take a look at this. Imagine. Socialist candidates in Texas beta in Florida like Andrew gillum in Arizona. Like that clown cinema left-wing, they're not Democrats. They're not Liberal Democrats. They're left a Liberal Democrats. They are socialist. They are socialist candidates. How's it possible that an Arizona the actual seat that was once held by John McCain could go to someone who's a socialist? How's it possible in Florida that suddenly people in Florida are now racist because they didn't vote for Andrew gillum what they voted twice here in Florida? They voted twice for Barack Hussein Obama. Did they suddenly become a racist sometime after two thousand twelve but twenty eight and twenty twelve they weren't no the full the voters of Florida rejected socialism, they rejected Andrew gillum who said cops are like modern day, slave catchers, they rejected that and so this isn't racism and now Stacey Abrams in Georgia federal lawsuit three hours ago contending that the sixty thousand vote lead Brian campus somehow illegitimate that some. Now, there's thirty thousand unaccounted balance and illegal votes. Well, take away the thirty thousand he still wins by about thirty thousand votes. This is simple math. Are you concerned about what you see happening in Georgia, Florida and Arizona, I went to bed. Tuesday night thinking Arizona was into conservative column, Mississippi it's going to be a runoff in December that should be Republican very confident that the Georgia governor they did not want to socialist left wing extremists. Like Stacey Abrams the voted against her because of her skin color, but rather the content of her character in the same thing in Florida if Andrew gillum was somewhat moderate, and it's viewpoints in the knock consider cops to be modern day, slave catchers. He would have beaten Ron to Santa's who didn't run a very good campaign. But he's still got beat in Florida. But what does this portend for twenty twenty? If Texas which is a deep red state is really purple to blue in a Florida two of the last three presidential elections, Florida voted for Barack Hussein Obama. If somehow Trump loses, Texas, and or Florida and Nevada which they law he lost in the last election, but AirAsia which he won he can't win the presidency. His the country going that far left is it that far way out there when you have socialist candidates actually winning racist or getting damn close to winning them is Florida a socialistic haven and his Texas. Imagine the status of electoral defeats by Republicans for the rest of the century. If Texas is a blue state or and or Florida is a blue state and Georgia is out of reach along with Nevada and along with Arizona normal people like you, and I who work for a living that raise families that have..

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