Fairfield High School lockdown lifted after 2 men chased from school grounds


News police continue their investigation after a lockdown late last week in the Tri state police say three male teams had been led into Fairfield high school Friday afternoon by a student there. Two of the teens who were not students within confronted by school staff and one of them took off out of the building the high end freshman schools were locked down due to the incident and police say no students were ever in any danger. Jared alad NewsRadio seven hundred wwl W. Yes. Preparations continue for FC Cincinnati s the soccer franchise will soon. Join MLS through the seven hills of our city. We'll continue our commitment to car our own path to elevate Cincinnati and to keep coming off a fifty one to fourteen Bengals lost this weekend. Nearly one hundred loss red season FC Cincinnati is drumming up its fan base as it gets ready to join Major League Soccer next year. The teams Newcrest was unveiled in a special event at the. Woodward theatre Monday evening. There's new merchandise at the team store downtown and a city tour ignite and unite kicks off at eleven thirty AM on fountain square, Jack. Crumley News Radio seven hundred wwl w News

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