Kevin Spacey Groped Massage Therapist And Tried To Force Oral Sex, Lawsuit Alleges

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Kevin Spacey has been sued by an anonymous masseuer for sexual Barrett. Best batteries skews me this masseur now Missouri's the male version of his Mizzou's of the masseuses and the Susan's female and the male version. He was hired to give Kevin Spacey massage in two thousand six. He claims. And then he was a victim of listen to this list of crime, sexual battery, assault, gender, violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment. But yes and said, he was brought to Kevin Spacey's Malibu place to give him a Saggio. He was led into the massage room. We've got a massage room in your house. You're living pretty well. Shit already have a masseuse. That's true. At that point, Kevin Spacey allegedly locked the door behind them. He said, the man says that Spacey complaint of having some pain or discomfort in his groin area and needed to be massage. There was then that he was forced forced, I say, detach Kevin, Spacey's, genitals v from back to the future. Gonna come online. As the first instance, the man claims his hand was forced on the Kevin Spacey scrotum. Testicle was forced to touch him, and then he, he, he recoiled he said, but continued with the session first of all bad. On the case, Kevin Spacey again, grabbed the plaintiffs hands according to the lawsuit, and this time force the plaintiff to rub his penis scrotum and testicles. That point Kevin Spacey tried to kiss them sore, and he was groped and offered oral sex by Kevin Spacey. This man says that he is he's seeking unspecified damages according to the suit. Because as a result of that conduct, he has suffered pain, emotional distress, economic harm, loss of earnings and other damages, here's my whole thing about this. If this guy wasn't Kevin Spacey, this guy's not suing, yeah, no, and and here's my thing. If he did all these things to you and any damaged, you then call the fucking cops, but. But this lawsuit bullshit when someone's trying to cash in after the fact on this, I really resent it because I think it takes the wind out of the sales of actual sexual assault cases where people are true victims and they're trying to get Justice. This sounds to me like a cash grab. Now this may have happened, this may have happened, but this guy should have gone to the police and press charges of that was the case immediately don't come back after the fact just a civil suit and try to make some did he say how the the whole thing ended he run out. He leaves. He stay there for the homeless Masan. He says, it says, the man refused Kevin Spacey temp to kiss him at which point he was groped offer oral sex by space, and then it just. I soon he left after

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