Cigar-Shaped Comet May Actually Be an Alien Probe, Scientists Suggest


It's Hawaiian it might have been of artificial origin. The object is ten times as long as it is wide. It was traveling at one hundred ninety six thousand miles an hour. Oma maybe a fully operational probes sent intentionally to earth. By an alien civilization. The paper reads again Wednesday getting here if this if this was from some obscure online university, I but these these are allegedly smart people in here. It's all it was here last year. Thanks for listening pass land anywhere. It didn't make a splash in the Atlantic. No, no. It was just it was a reconnaissance mission. It left our solar system in January of this year, a Luma Oma. Yeah. Sorry. I brought this is being discussing again. Yeah. Okay. Here's a here's a story for you. You'll really like this one, I'm Shannon, his wife. Stella have owned a Donut city in seal Beach, California, most of their lives. I think they were refugees in nineteen Seventy-nine. They have worked together for decades every morning, they they make the doughnuts. It's time to make the doughnuts again at their Pacific Coast Highway shop well one day, she had an aneurysm. She suffered an aneurysm the store owner says she's alive but weaken in rehab now. The store's regular customers decided to set up a gofundme page for him. But he declined he said, no, you don't have to do that. We appreciate it. But instead because he said, no, thank you. The customers have endeavored to help Donut city sell out every day. So the owner can return to the rehab center to sit with his wife. He says she's writing and she's talking and she's just starting to eat something, and he's so grateful the shop's customers have sent out newsletters word of mouth there on social media. And they're saying by dozens. At a time. So he sells out makes his money earns his money, and then he can close the shop early and go see his wife. Beautiful. Thank you for the uplifting story that story. People are good and they're eating lots of donuts, and he gets to go see his wife. I love that absolute Susan can you turn up the switch for us. Yeah. We're we're Swoosh Lewis. All right.

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