Anker CEO Steven Yang is all in on USB-C



And then the other one I was just wondering about this is not your not anchors moment. But case that has a headphone Jack back to these phones. Just seems like a very natural thing to do is a reason you haven't done one of those. Well, again, that's factory us to be seat. Right. Resolve do you still like your superman five object to be there forever? Yes. I suppose you could probably have. A question in a bunch of people cars listening to this was like once it. Yes. Of course, I think it's a very valuable thing. But that's the people obviously, disagrees full people actually who've had investing some very expensive, you know, headsets with this super five millimeter only want it to be there. But I think for a lot of people at for probably like ninety nine ninety eight percent of the customers out there. I think they'll probably just want to use something that works universally that USB see headset. Yeah. I mean, it's able to plug into a phone, and your laptop and your other places. Don't you think ESP headphones are the thing? I mean you make use headphones right now. Not yet. But it's definitely on a roadmap. Okay. Right. But again, so that headphone can be fun compatible laptop compatible, and then hopefully in the future like in cars, ending airplanes. Right. I mean, I hate nowadays when I'm traveling to nationally like to, you know, try to find a place to flock my headset saying the US rec-, I just feel like I'm just asking about things I want you to build because you do a good job. Do you? Do you make ahead run? Dangle USB see two three point five five headroom Dongola. I don't recall we have one. But okay, we're going to be with one for you. Okay. I asked you, and I'll share it when first of all I want one. So that does but I ask in all seriousness until Google shipped the pixel three. Yes, there was actually not a great USB. See headphone Dongo on the market. I see it was just like a missing product. And so that's why I keep him outside. Did you see the ecosystem changing? Yup. Issue. The standards changing up in the system has some notable gaps in it. Yes. So USB headphones this one notable gap. Yes. Had Dong does short of another notable gap. Yes. And so I'm wondering how do you think about addressing these gaps the market? Then sounds like you're saying, look, we're all just moving on. Yup. So these gaps are fine. No. If we have enough engineers. Taxes problems. But you know, you don't right. So we have actually today about seven hundred product managers and engineers today. Why house was still you know, ramping up. Yeah. So it wouldn't actually from four hundred something last year to shift seven hundred this year. But again, as you said, there's still problems. We haven't really addressed. Well, well, it just seems like you have the most considered opinion on how you should develop. And so the question is do you try to make all the old problems or do you push into the future at this point? Is you can see is primarily charging I knew right because it was charging. We haven't really released enough products to fill that spectrum yet. So going to audio I think that's an extra one. And that someone would definitely will be there. You think apple switch from lightning DSP? See I several says that's the thing that will do it. And I don't know if I ever will usually ask them. You know, don't you know? I honestly though, I want to know to let me know that supposed to have essay there's an event coming up. We'll we'll ask him for sure it's remarkable. You've started a company you start selling on Amazon. How do you think he went from where direct consumer retailer primarily Amazon to sort of this moment where you're having your first New York event? Like, what was that path? Like, how did you?

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