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Once again, here's Julie hardy. We've got a problem in the heart of the city. It's gonna be forty five downtown southbound after Louisiana street there in the middle of the roadway, your solid from I ten it's gonna take you about ten fifteen minutes to get through there. There's a stall in the left lane on post oak northbound come up to the south loop or something to watch out for if you're traveling the Katy freeway this morning, you're coming from Barker Cyprus to beltway eight it's about eight minutes right now. And then if you wanna go from beltway eight into downtown, it'll be another twelve minutes for you. And if you're trying to travel the inbound side of two ninety no big weight, so far it's only eight minutes from Barker Cyprus to beltway eight I'm deleting hardy in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center from our top tax defenders twenty four hour. What is center for today? We are looking at some thunderstorms likely, but the high temperature run about fifty to warm up in dry out is the week progresses. We'll get more than that from Terry Smith when we talk to her about nine minutes.

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