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One zero eight two one oh seven window Carter junior had career high twenty five points to go along with eight rebounds and five Zack LeVine led the bulls with twenty eight Holiday Inn Blakeney fifteen points apiece up in Minnesota. Former bowl Derrick rose scored fifty points to help the T wolves defeat Utah by a final of one twenty eight to one twenty five college football university of Maryland has. Fired football coach DJ DJ Dirk the day after his reinstatement Durkan on administrative leave while the university waited onto reports into the death of offensive lineman, Jordan McNair off season workout last may one into the medical treatment McNair received and the other end of the culture of the football team in baseball. The cubs have picked up the twenty nine team option on pitcher Jose Catanha, he'll be paid ten and a half million dollars next season and hall of fame. First baseman, Willie McCovey who played nineteen of his twenty two scenes with the San Francisco Giants hit five hundred twenty one career homers died Wednesday at the age of eighty now for a check of the news headlines to the WGN newsroom, here's David Jennings. Asiago police officer shot a man who they say was armed app. You're chasing him into a pardon building in the east Chatham neighborhood this evening, police did recover a handgun. Hey, suburban park district. Police chief is in hot water for allegedly sharing images of some of his intimate partners without their permission. The WGN forecast. Cloudy, a chance of sprinkles Forty-six, the low tonight, some sun, sprang and light showers tomorrow, your high fifty four match your Blackhawks central intermission report on seven twenty WGN Chicago's.

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