Packers vs. Patriots Preview: Who has the edge?


Doing you? Right. That is the biggest game of the year LSU coming out number three in the right game in one. And that's all great. But if they don't win Saturday. It means nothing we know that as crimson tide has won the last seven over LSU. So this week is a big game. If they lose to Alabama. There's no way a to lock LSU tiger team in the college playoff. So it's going to be a big game this Saturday, and they need to pull this off. Rouge the fans they are waiting for this this game all season. Out of the lights and death valley and one of the toughest places to play. Does that lets you have enough offense to keep up? That's my question. That that's a big question. Joe borough. The last two outings has been so if you wanna say, but the biggest thing that I think that they can't do is they need to pound the ball. They're running the ball at sixty one percent and thirty one percent passing. And this year's Alabama's defense isn't as style as they usually are upfront. So it's not the people Nick Sabin defense that you're used to seeing. But I think they compound that ball with with Lear if they can just pounded away ship it away. It's going to be a physical matchup defensively. But if they can control the off line in those trenches in those three four, you know, you know, seven yard run here. And there that might open up from passing yards for Joe boroughs that, you know, just think Jefferson down a streak or oppose corner. Outer front. One. Ball will be key on offense versus the tide every team in the country of one loss or LSU fans on Saturday because that if LSU wins that throws everything into chaos, and that opens it up for a whole bunch of teams. Yeah. That that really does that puts Georgia out of it because I still see Alabama. Here with one loss, but that's shake up the whole college playoff. It depends on what Notre Dame will do. Clemson. I think Clinton will probably finish out the season undefeated as well. So it'll it'll shake up things but LSU would elite punch they're kicking in the college playoff. That's that's thought we care about. I love coach when he was out here coaching USC here in Los Angeles. He was the defensive line coach Pete Carroll years and mad. I used to interview him once a week. I understood about half of what he said would that Cajun accent? So I just I he could have been saying Dave Smith is a jackass now would have been nodding my head saying, yes, sir. I agree with you. I love coach. Oh, he's my favorite person in college football. Yeah. He's he's one of the great ones when I got down the bed ruse, I'm from Chicago. So it was a total coaches shocking that an accident is very hard. Transcribing interviews is not fun at times in the news. But he's a great guy. Great motivator. He's always out in the community. He does radio show told me your, Vince. So that's what I like about him. He's a player coach and coach among the people you can walk up to him and just say, hi and you'll have a conversation with yourself. He wanted to go with in college football. He told me once I don't have an accent. You do that's what he said to me. Yeah. That sounds like, oh, he's he's he's he has some great joke. He will snap back at you. What would what some great joke? So be prepared to come with me when you felt down. But when they lost the Troy last year, there weren't even run them out of town. They were gonna fire him. Now. Look at him top three in the country and a chance for a national championship. Yeah. It's been a total one eighty was on a hot seat. Even in the beginning of the year. Don't want expecting difficult seventy one and everybody was saying, hey, if he doesn't do it this year, then you know, we need to move on. But again, he believes in those fifteen Bettine believed that themselves, and you know, as far as the SEC, we know it's Alabama Georgia. Everyone was county out and for them to have this excess in bringing back the prominence of the Tigers. Is it's been a great atmosphere van Roos right now you look at the quarterback in Alabama. You know, it's almost unfair. Nick saban's usually has a game manager at Alabama. Now, he's got a superstar quarterback. They're scoring fifty and sixty points a game to go along with all those athletes and the accuracy that the kid is incredible he special, but but Aaron he hasn't faced adversity yet. So let's see if he gets behind a little bit or if things aren't going well against LSU on Saturday. That's that's the key. He hasn't even played fourth quarter yet. That was. Is that he hasn't played a fourth quarter. So if they can get some pressure on we know they're missing Devon white Devon white. But the first half of the biggest thing is forcing pressure fourth mistake. He has to make a turnover you gotta get moving them out of pocket. Maybe get him comfortable LSU LSU. To figure out a way to out. So. Defense needs to find a way that that's what it comes down to find a way crying it out. It's going to be a bad on that

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