Whitaker Trump, Matt Whitaker And Jeff Sessions discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


Newsradio KLBJ John Kelly. This news service of con roofing. Local activists plan another Trump protest outside of Austin city hall. It's part of a nationwide push back in the wake of the departure of attorney general Jeff Sessions who's now been replaced by acting attorney general Matt Whitaker. Travis county Democrats and Austin city council member Jimmy Flanagan, it'll be spearheading this push against Whitaker and Trump this afternoon. They call Whitaker Trump loyalist whose sole intention is to undermine the integrity of the Muller probe into Russian meddling bottom line here. The protesters say is demanding accountability. Pedagogy born NewsRadio KLBJ Texans for responsible marijuana policy. Say there's still more work to be done. Even after attorney general Jeff Sessions is resignation and local changes after midterm elections. We have a lot of momentum. But, you know, making sure that we're clear Democrats and Republicans for decades have maintained prohibition. The

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