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I'm Rhonda Rochester a deadly rampage down under authorities in Melbourne. Australia arrested a man after he's at a car on fire and stabbed three people. One fatally police shot the attacker after he confronted officers in a busy street. The immediate question was is it an act of terrorism that police say so far the keeping an open mind. There's nothing to suggest so far they say evidence of terrorism one of the impediments that investigation as the suspect. The man who was swinging a knife. A police officers before he was shot to the ground. Here is in a critical condition as we heard there BBC correspondent high will Griffiths speaking with BBC TV after a police press conference in Thousand Oaks, California, LV L A F B I assistant director Paul Corte says it's going to take time for thirties to come up with answers to account for the shooting at a local bar Wednesday night that killed a dozen people. Evidence response team is. In place. It's gonna be a thorough and painstaking process. We'll we'll take as long as it takes quite frankly, we say.

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