Kavanaugh accuser breaks her silence: 'I don’t think he belongs on the Supreme Court'


Story this hour, the spotlight back on the Senate Judiciary committee today where they will hear testimony from a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by supreme court nominee brick Cavanaugh more than thirty five years ago. Now, the two were in high school at the time Kavanagh has vigorously denied the claims. We're going to ABC news now. Women making accusations that Brett cavenaugh sexually abused women. The nineteen eighties. One will tell her story today to Capitol Hill and ABC's. Lana Zak with the country watching two different images of the young. Brett Cavanaugh will be presented here at the Senate one a choirboy a high school virgin the other a hard partying drinker and alleged sexual assaulter. The supreme court nominee and the first of his accusers, Dr Christine Blasi Ford will be grilled in an attempt to find the truth. But of the three now named accusers. Blasi Ford is the only one who will testify today before the committee

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