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And I think that said I was my logic, but now you know, as the seasons of unfolds, the Seahawks you know right now they're probably not trading time 'cause they're wanting to. They're still hanging on by thread. But I would say if they lose one more game, Earl, Thomas potentially gone, especially with all the weirdness. Last week we were sitting out practices and whatever. So I just he's so clearly checked out even though he's still brings a ton on game day, the Steelers you, they've gotta look at their defense and just say, there is no way where winning Super Bowl. So you know, maybe it and I bet at that time they didn't think they were gonna lose bell for ten weeks right here. We are well writing. Got hurt last week, so I would be willing to accept your whole Thomas and Philadelphia also on the record. But what would you give up real time. Talking seriously. Second thing, I think we have an extra hole, see. They've already said no to third. So it takes a second. That's what I'm saying. Gotta be. I'll give up. I will offer third, fourth or two-thirds. I don't know that to up a second, especially since it's in Philadelphia. It's such a stupid luxury pick. Yeah, and it would luxury. 'cause mcleod's only two weeks. So then the other cloud jenkinson on this Horner this do is just you're all right. So maybe not Phillies specific, but you know, if you trade for Thomas and you try to any pick valley, which is what does is if it's above third round there, then you know you, I think you've kind of have to resign him and he for sure. So, yeah, you know, I don't say if you market was really nice to teams, there's obviously, but all time is clearly isn't taking nothing, which is why he's had issues with the Seahawks whatever the Seahawks offered, assuming offered anything three assigned. And you know, I, that would be a tough one for me, but I would do it. I would second for him at make sure to lock it down and then it would be worth it because he, I don't think he's a kind of player who still there erode over the next three years, which is basically what you're looking at. No, I agree. And he's been difference maker when he's been on the field for this. So. Well, we'll we'll find out what happens there. We're going to find out what happens with Jimmy Butler and Minnesota. A lot of interesting names are available via trade right now and look on a person that is on a personal note. It's been an honor and a privilege and a pleasure getting to be your podcast for these less ninety. One episodes. They've all meant the world to me. Thanks so much for your support. You'll be basely. Thank you. This is obviously we'll be aunt you and Sam lock show moving forward. And you guys you're in for a treat. If you missed those old blitz, casts. Oh. It's inside joke, but also anyone that gets that is gonna know how awful it is. Thanks for listening, CNN tweak question Mark..

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