Jennifer Garner Has Been “Secretly Dating” Tech CEO For Six Months


Jennifer garner has a new boyfriend. He's married, dude. She clearly wanted 'cause they tried to get that divorce done. We're at right after he got sobered up and was able to sign the papers, and they kind of hurried that along. And then I the story. I just read is she's been with this guy, six months. So she's been wanting to be seen with him. I'm sure right. And be needed that that needed to be done sources say she's casually dating a guy named John Miller. He is the CEO of something called Kelly group, which owns Kelly burger. The a burger never heard of it. They say it's similar to in and out. I yeah. I mean, and I would assume Kelly burgers in calif-. Or is it just like elsewhere like oh, look up the location, but I read some stuff about. Oh. He's been sued. Oh, he has because he took the model of in and out burger and flipped it over. And then the secret menu layers all these things he took from in and out in made into Kelly burger, you know, in and out is does feel like a

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