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Her a chapter book. She loves ambulant. There's a new one coming out this month. I'm trying to think of the other comic ones. There's a lot of good ones out there. I mean, I think this is another one of those things where it helps to have a rabbi. So if you go to a comic shop and finds somebody who's down with like kids stuff and understands kick kits, comics, you can get some great recommendations. The only one I'd throw in beyond the ones that you've suggested is a comic by Jeff Smith called bone. Oh, yeah, right there big thick addition to that. Yeah, my my kids loved that one, and it's not superhero style. It's more comic strip style, but it's really, really good. And and I, I've known lots and lots of people have recommended this to come back and said that their kids really, really enjoyed it. There's nothing in it that would ever be considered even remotely adult, and it was serialized since like the early early nineties to the early two thousand. So it went for a long time. Well, and and the artwork is great. Stories are cute and it's just a fun, relatively wholesome type type of book for kids. So and parents to well one, I don't know why always feel so reluctant because to recommend this just because I'm. A weird liberal from the left coast. But if you think it's okay for your kid and you think kids ready for it? Lumber Janes is very good, especially for girl child, lumber jeans is real good. It's just about about a bunch of girls at summer camp and it's got some both medically, woke stuff in it, but it's also just really funny and super cute. And so for your tween or teen out the lumber Janes, it's really good media. I make sure it's okay with your, you know how you feel about the world, but I love it and it's full of messages I'm more than happy to put in front of my kid. Yeah, so that's really good what this is really good less adventure time? No, we haven't seen it yet was, was it sad or happy or what was what's gonna talk about it. She refuses to watch it really. It's like trying to get her to lie to watch the last Matt Smith doctor who she just she refuses to acknowledge that it's over how man? Yeah, I got to get into Stephen universe. I'm kind of in the Steven universe. I'm just not super into Stephen universe. I don't know that like all the Stephen universal. Please save yourself an Email by telling me, I really, really need to watch this. I know I really need to watch this every new episode of Steven universe. My daughter is literally screaming from another room. There's a lot happening right now in Steven universe. You wear Steven universe. I know about it. I've never. Uh-huh. Gyms is reason that lady has three is long story.

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