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Neal's Yup, baby. It's already Thursday again, which means we got a game in. I raven bangel 's should be a good one and it's a standalone game, which makes it always fun to go to bed online dot AG. Use the promo code podcast one. That's the number one, not. Oh, any. So you get your fifty percent sign up bonus. If you haven't taken advantage of it yet, you wanted to wait till after week one. So you got a better feel for the games and the teams. Now's the time, bet online dot AG, great way to make any game more interesting. Even if you're not into the Bengals and the ravens, just make sure you use that code podcast one at bet online dot AG. Ross Tucker for bog gassed. Oh yeah, it is, but not just any Ross Tucker, football podcast, is it teaching tutorial? Thursday class is in session. Thanks to professor, Greg Cosell breaking down the tape like no other to presented by seek download the app today. Enter promo code Tucker to get twenty dollars off the already lowest ticket. Prices vary. Very cool. Almost as cool as the Email going out today that tells you how to get the free meds. That's it. I'm not talking spread the word winner. We'll do that tomorrow. I'm not talking sponsor confirmation. Email winner will do that tomorrow. I'm talking free Madden's just make sure you're gonna Ross Tucker dot com. On the homepage. It says something like up to hear Ross's stories to read Ross. Stories that is where you want to go. And I want to go to the big show, big show. Every week we get a chance to talk to the greatest civilian video watcher of all time because he's been NFL matchup since I was like born. I'm sorry. NFL films since I was born and just seemingly the executive producer and now on air talent of the NFL matchup show forever that by the way, if you're not DVR airing it, you're just doing it wrong. Craig, a lot to talk about, obviously we got a big game tonight between the Bengals and the ravens, both of whom had double digit wins in week one. But I, I wanna start with a week ago and the falcons and the eagles. And obviously, you know, the penalties was not real fun, but net. What? What were some of the things that really stood out to you or interested you from that game? Oh, well. That's a pretty broad based question. You know, that was a game that was. It was a tough game to watch just because it was it was sloppy football, which I guess we should expect for week one. I think the eagles defence to me continues to stand out. They do some things that are pretty intriguing on the defensive side of the ball. As far as their coverage concepts, we all know they have a good defensive line. We know Fletcher Cox, a great player. We know that Cox can line up in numerous spots at the detector position and physically dominate guards and and centers. But you know, to go into the weeds just a little bit raw. They do something where the coverage that I think is in the cover three family. But what they do with it is really, really interesting keeping the single high safety really low almost like he's a robber and their corners playing with some cushion, but hard to the inside. It's a really interesting concept for teams that liked to throw the ball inside which the falcons do and actually their opponent this week, the bucks do. So it's just a coverage that I notice. To last year that they started using and they used it quite a bit against the falcons. And I think you'll continue to see it based on the opponent for people that don't know what a robber is, Greg. Can you explain that? Well, that's where you take a player and and you sort of sit him right in the middle of the field. You can do it at different depths depending on what Petit killer defense playing the eagle's actually use the so-called deep safety as a robber normally, teams do not use a robber who's who's the aerobically the deepest defender in the middle of the field, like teams like the patriots play a coverage that we call man, we call one robber and they take a safety and he is the robber who kind of sits maybe ten twelve yards from the line of

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