House bans eating of cats, dogs


It is now illegal to eat dogs and cats. The house of representatives. This is a real thing. Listen, I have been rallying for this for years. They moved to make it illegal to eat your free little friends of Bill the house passed yesterday outlined the slaughter transportation sale possession of dogs and cats for consumption Jesus, Indonesia like what's going on. And he's got a couple of hundred years where we actually had to get to the point where this happened. One of the sponsors and Ricky love when I say this. Let's get her on the air L. Let's get him on the air. Florida. Republican Vern Buchanan said the Bill is aimed at the forty four states forty four. It don't have laws making it illegal to eat dogs and cats. But but wait, but doesn't that fall under animal cruelty? Animal. Cruelty illegal listen in forty four states where they haven't decided to make that illegal. They probably don't have very good restrict animal cruelty laws floor one of those states. They just found out that they was it. A we now have be like, okay. Yeah. No. It's illegal now. Or was it always legal? I would imagine Florida. It's always a legal. I don't pick. It always has other sponsor is another Florida rep Elsie Hastings the democrat. Oh god. How's your wife educated? How'd you can't hide your dogs? Wow. What's going on? I guess you know, what though our founding fathers, and those who are serving our government, maybe even just like one hundred years ago, they said, well, we don't have to waste time. And that who the hell would eat a dog or cat xactly. You know, we we found our freedom to stay away for this. We love our pets man's best friend. We're not

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