California's Camp Fire death toll hits 83 as area faces rain


Visiting their properties beginning next week. Other notes Butte county schools will reopen December third FEMA announced that more hotel and motel rooms was soon. Become available a special base camp will be constructed to accommodate all fire related personnel. Currently staying in those rooms, but the displaced must I registered with FEMA. The county's district attorney Jim Ramsey said people should be aware for scammer. Another skim off. It's already starting to happen is go fund me sites and false charity. Contributions tomorrow marks two weeks since the campfire began in Chico. Jeffrey, Schaub KCBS, a southern California. Lawmakers reportedly preparing a Bill that would help PG of bankruptcy. If it were found liable for the campfire, he CBS gentlemen reports. The idea loan has helped lift the utilities market value. An advisor to Pasadena assemblyman, Kris Holden told Bloomberg he is working on a way to help PG and E manage any financial liability for two thousand eighteen wildfires much like the legislature did what the 2017 fires linked to genie. Holden staff did not respond to KCBS this request for comment on the Bill and insulin state Senator Jerry hill. A frequent critic of PG any did I don't want to see them go bankrupt. But I think there are alternatives. He'll would like lawmakers to examine the idea of a publicly not investor owned utility. I will be looking at that. And certainly will be trying to start that conversation because I think we can't continue this way. We. I have to take some look at alternatives, and whether we go in that direction or not we need to have that conversation. But the first

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