Study shows downside of medical crowdfunding


That closely linked to leadership in congress that can raise unlimited funds and not necessarily dispose where that money came from ninety percent of their money comes from donations of one hundred thousand dollars or more money being spent on the two thousand eighteen midterm elections is now closing in on four billion dollars with fundraising records for candidates being broken across the country. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio five four. Now, we take you to cake how nine we're going to check in with Suzy. Hi, suzy. Hi there. Mike and Diane tonight on Cal nine news at ten family members. Call it a case of mistaken identity a local father gunned down after getting groceries how he's being remembered tonight also rapper and actor arrested what he's accused of doing two aspiring models. He met online and a gold digging dog we're going to show you her antics after sneaking out in the middle of the night. These stories a lot more coming up tonight on news attend. And we hope you'll join us then. All right. Thanks, susie. We want to take a minute right now and congratulate our timeline. Contest winner, Denise Lor from Whittier. She knew the correct year. We're we're looking forward to thousand thirteen another chance to win tomorrow at five twenty four her eye in the sky checking out a crash on the seven ten in east LA. We'll have more details less than four minutes from now. It's five forty one. What if every time you went out you could cash in now with the Capital One Seaver card? You earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment, like learning more. Each other on your first

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