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I think the warehouse workers are the most poignant example of the power of this practice because these are these are most of them are Hispanic, right? They most of them have worked in warehouses before they came to work for us and your normal warehouse worker. We just talked about this earlier this week during a session. Most warehouse workers are treated by management as objects right there never included in anything. They're just they're just a human object that moves things from one box to another. But you see that object that is in most warehouses for us is a center of love and energy and light, right? And when they become a part of our light and love. It. It brings them into a place of elevated existence that makes them feel so important that they want to contribute and create at such a high level. Right? Because I mean, they come, they know their contributions are among the most important in our entire company. They certainly have the hardest job in our company, right? They deserve the most amount of light and love just like everybody

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