Sean Bean won't leave Hitman 2 alive


Tongue-in-cheek thing he gets killed in every move. I show nature of the crash showing the characters is no people that might not know the meta. Yeah, Sean bean is has has gone for himself whether deliberately or not a reputation for playing characters who die. Yeah. If Sean bean shows up in a in a in a movie or TV show, there's a good chance. He's gonna, create thrones Lord of the rings joins being the most famous example. So I like that they poke fun of it. I liked that the character is playing is this guy who's faking his own death and the dying, but what's really neat about it is the trailer. They put out a live action trailer of him being interviewed by therapists, right? And the character being interviewed and he's in character in the it's really well done in really well acted and I was watching it like expecting for the IRO of how do they pigeon hole in this, a Hollywood star movie started doing like, oh, this is really well done, and it's cool to see like as usual, I o and hitman doing something interesting with a loser targets and hey, we're gonna come in and

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