Danske whistleblower says big European bank handled $150 billion in payments

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Scale and scope of the Danske Bank, money laundering scandal. We open with a clip from whistleblower. Howard wilkinson. Not to spend too much time on this chart, but you can see this ten banks ten banks there. I think how many countries are. We got Russia. This you Ania Estonia, Denmark, US, we've got European subsidiaries is a lot of countries involved. And in the case of this Danske Bank, money laundering, scandal, they all failed. It's not just stonier and not just their Mark. Every single one of those banks had an obligation to check the money that was going through them and every single one of them failed. Think is important to remember that we're not just talking about thirty money going through Danske Estonia thera to other Danske units in vote Lithuania and Denmark, and I think very important is to look on the foreign no one really knows where any of this money went all we know is that the last people to see it with these three banks in the US there. The last the last check. And when that failed the money was into the global financial system. It was clean. It was free. Howard Wilkinson the whistle blower at the heart of the Danske Bank scandal has been giving evidence to the Danish parliament. And it's rather blowing the lid open on this whole thing. A couple of very big revelations, Richard tell us exactly what struck you. Well. Well, it was an extremely interesting performance from him. He was the whistle blower who warned in four occasions on twenty thirteen in two thousand fourteen than Bank, and what he said in parliament east really taken aim at just about everybody involved in the phase being breaking critical of Danske, Bank and its management. He's taken a big short. Danish regulators. But I think the biggest headline rarely is the he looked at the three correspondent banks that helped and skirt process the money out of it sustained in branch, and in

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