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Beck in luxury buyers who strewed pass a live pianist sixty foot tall indoor waterfall we got the highest rents ever anywhere says former Trump organization executive are standing in the pink atrium four decades after she helped build times have changed gazing around. Almost all tenants are now gone hollowing out began years ago, but it has only gotten worse since Trump enter politics Nike and its flagship store earlier this year, and I've Trump's cesary business closed up shop as well. What's left is basically nothing but Gucci Starbucks and. Donald wall to wall. Trump bar sits top Trump grill. Next Trump cafe Trump store and Trump's ice cream. It is unlikely Trump pays himself rent for any of them. Things are different. Now says that difference includes profits net operating income dropped twenty seven percent between twenty fourteen the year before Trump announced his run for president and seventeen his first year in the White House when the real estate mogul descended the escalator to launch his campaign in this very building. No one could have predicted the chain of events that would lead to point even among those who gave moonshot presidential bid chance of success. The assumption was that Trump would his assets before taking office by refusing to divest. Trump raised an unprecedented question how the most divisive presidency in modern American history affect company built on the president's persona four. Has been working to answer that question since the moment. Trump got elected interviewing nearly two hundred colleagues partners and industry observers while the experiment continues to unfold in real time. The early results are in much as he's trying and he's definitely trying. Donald Trump is not getting richer of the presidency. Just the opposite..

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