All the important questions as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson go head to head in The Match


He had a dinner with Tony Romo. And that was Tigers. Pro-am partnered Pebble Beach back in two thousand twelve and he went to dinner with Tony Romo just to bother. Tiger woods. So Phil said that you know, Tigers partner was Tony Romo and that night before the final round Saturday was big dinner. The Jim Nance put on I got seated next to Tony. We had a great night had a lot of fun. But I knew it would bother tiger that I had dinner with his partner. Tony knew this would also bother him. So he said, it was caddy do not mention that we had dinner last. Knight. Phil don't bring up the dinner. We're on the I t I IT off tiger tees off. I wait before I walk off because I want to distance myself between me and Tony. So I could say it loud enough. So as we're walking off the first TI yell out. Hey, Tony, Tony that was so much fun. Last night. I loved the dinner that was the greatest and tiger looks at him and said, you know, giving that look like that was a big deal Mickelson called her a moment that he laughs with tiger about now. But at the time, it was pretty intense. Mickelson ended up winning. But isn't that what we're all hoping for this weekend at the matches that one of them goes a little real in jab like UFA, like when I want a guy puts one in the weeds and just has a little Ouch. Just enough to. Okay, now, it's real, and it's a real competition because that's what ever wants. I hope we have some of that. Because tiger never let you in. It's rare when he let you in. But if he does then I'd love to hear the sense of humor, see the sense of humor or just to see a subtle dig their or the gamesmanship that goes on in what you would think they would be really wanting to say like if you had thought bubbles this time. You don't have thought bubbles. You just actually had their thoughts. That's what would be great Friday after thanksgiving.

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