College Football Playoff Rankings: UCF jumps Ohio State, moves to No. 9 as top eight holds


Lot of moving at least as far as college. Football's concern, you look at the latest rankings the first movement that we notice as UCF moving up a couple of spots to number nine, but the top eight all the same Mike Leach coach of number eight Washington state and earlier on ESPN radio was asked how much he discusses the rankings with his team. We don't talk about it, all, you know. I mean because of. Really had any impact on our season. I mean, everybody get ahead. Head kicked in. I forget the games we play. We played eleven games survey thought, we're going to get our grade or so and and we did. So then so if we listened to that stuff, then we wouldn't have worn the games we have. And so listen to it. Now, it's not gonna help us win there. You know? I mean, the best thing we can do is just just to have a great practice tomorrow. Is we're getting ready for Washington in Washington. Yeah. Washington's a great football team. And they're loaded up, and you know, they dumped people in the NFL every year. So we gotta go out there and play good Mike Leach coach of Washington state, which hold steady at number eight in the rankings, the four playoff teams are still the same Georgia, Oklahoma number five and six then there's that bunching of LSU Washington state and UCF at seven eight nine earlier on ESPN radio Jason Fitz and Mike Golic junior and dad, I'm a little surprised that Washington state didn't jump LSU for whatever that would mean again. But I was surprised at that LSU. I think they they played rights hammered rice. It was and Washington state put it at fifty five at halftime. I resort in Washington state has been looking really good. I thought they should've jumped up at least past LSU, and this one I think to that extent. Like, this is a little bit of the committee telling us that the larger body of work they've made up their mind. They have a good

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