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Of a campaign before tomorrow's midterm election. A tale of two presidents, maybe to America's number forty five Donald Trump at rally after rally the contrast to this election could not be more clear Democrats produce mobs Republicans produce jobs while from number forty four Barack Obama. It turns out that the check on this Batur is you're trying to get out. He's old supporters. You get to vote. In what might be the most important election. Maybe more important than two thousand because it will determine congressional control and potential democratic check on the president. If the Democrats are to take over the house. They will meet a huge turnout from some specific groups in the polling. The Democrats are highly dependent on people who say that they have not voted in midterms before that's going to be about twenty percent of their vote. CBS news director of elections in surveys. Anthony Silvana those folks don't show up. We've rerun the models and the Republicans hold the house getting people to the polls will be vital and both sides. No it Steve Futterman. CBS news Washington about the so-called caravan of Central American migrants, the president has been using as a political issue at his rallies journalist Alice driver is watching them from Mexico City. They don't have an internet connection. They're not keeping up with the news. They don't know. What's what's being said in the US? She spoke to us by Skype underway now in South Korea small-scale military exercises involving U S marines could add some. Sting to this week's talks in New York between secretary of state, Mike Pompeo and his North Korean counterpart. The north is regularly denounce these joint military drills, the larger exercises have been on hold since the summer, but the allies aren't letting down that God in case talks break down and Pyongyang fulfills. Its recent threat to go on developing nukes reporter, Alex Jensen in Seoul, why our gas prices dropping industry analyst trilby Lundberg came from crude oil prices falling as it had an appraiser two weeks and not all of the lower oil prices have made their way through to the street. There might be a few more pennies drop on the way her BI weekly nationwide. Survey shows the average price of regular grade gas dropping eight cents a gallon over the past couple of weeks to two eighty five at the New York marathon on Sunday. Lisa the see-saw of Ethiopia winning the men's title and first place belongs to.

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