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Photographed funeral guests with a thirty five millimeter camera the heat was on. So by the day of the funeral. Michael Warren, also had stopped talking to police and he had hired an attorney John as Wilbur. As the murder investigation entered its second week. It's high speed pace wasn't letting up on June fifth. A red foam knows was turned into police by a Royal Palm Beach man named Ray Gregory, although police have never given details about how and where it was found. They believed it was the nose worn by Marlene's killer. It had a hair on it. But tests in nineteen ninety didn't produce DNA profile. And then there was the bullet the clown fired into Marlene's face during her autopsy had been removed from her neck and examined by ballistics experts. What turned up was a curious possible link to a gun Sheila had recently been looking for. The bullet was either a thirty eight or three fifty seven caliber possibly shot from Remington a make less common than the popular Colt or Smith and Wesson models for detectives that revelation was significant she reportedly owned an obscure brand of a thirty eight caliber revolver, Richard Keene toll police Sheila had called him about a month before Marlene's murder asking if he'd seen that misplaced gun around the same time Sheila also asked her mother about it Mary shelter told police that Sheila had called to ask her to search her house in Indian town for the missing gun. It wasn't there. Detectives were amassing pile of circumstantial evidence in Orleans murder case. The stolen getaway car with the orange wig fibers the store clerks who said they sold Sheila flowers balloons and a clown suit the alarming conversations, Michael allegedly had with family and associates the gun, the warrants finances and the affair between Mike Lynch Sheila. But there were few if any physical clues could link anybody to Marlene's murder. Still there was a crime. They were closing in on. And it was going to send Michael Warren to prison for years..

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