Julie Hardy, Jimmy Evert And Alec Baldwin discussed on Houston Morning News


I'm Jimmy Evert along with share fryer. Among our top stories in this Monday morning who wins the poll between Trump and the media SNL slammed for making fun of Texas veteran, Dan Crenshaw six away. Alec Baldwin's latest victim speaks out after fighting over parking space. Details in the minutes ahead here on Houston's morning news. First, let's get you caught up on that morning drive. Once again, here's Julie hardy fallow situation for you. It's going to be on six ten the south loop that westbound side is you're trying to exit two to eighty eight. Now, it's going to be on the right side of the ramp. You can get by just be careful I should do. And if you're travelling to ninety this morning coming in from Cyprus to sixteen so about fifteen minutes. So we're in pretty good shape through there. When a check the text for you once again, we are starting to get a little bit crowded beltway eight into six ten. Give yourself about ten minutes. I'm Julie hardy in the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center.

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