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For ten with a home run against John Lester, and he drives it to center field. L more will have room to grab it. But an easy tag by Blackman. He scores LeMay, you would Vance's the third in the Rockies. Tako wonder nothing lead reeling. Pauses then pitches. This got up with a chain jump away strike out number five two hitter. Going for Kyle freely. Ju- balls two strikes. Two outs. Bases-loaded one nothing Rockies and the seven here comes this pitch. Omis held on the catcher getting comes to an end oughta be no works out of trouble with the punk shout. A veteran Hayward the bitch. Bastet into center field by Walters. Come story part of the Rockies regain the lead to two one in the top of the thirteenth. Tony walters. What the biggest hit of his career the Rockies have the lead over calmly. Looks in gets his signed from Tony Walters. The pitch swing. Data. Scotto strikes out south side. Iraqis are. This is after hours on CBS sports radio. Some of the critical moment as the Rockies reach their first division series since two thousand nine congratulations to bud. Black and Kyle Freeland and Trevor story and no one aeronautical got Oberg go.

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