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On highway eighteen this morning near the tiger mountain summit. I get the latest live from komo's Frank Lenzi. The state patrol says a pickup crossed the center line and hit a car going the opposite direction the two people in that car died pickup truck driver was taken to Harborview medical center in the past couple of moments. We've learned from police that the pickup truck driver. They say was impaired. They don't know what kind of substance don't know if it was drugs or alcohol involved. But in any case that driver is being charged with two counts of a Hitler homicide, and he is in serious condition. This morning live with the update desk. Frank lenzi. Komo news. It's another revive I five weekend. And that means a major backups coming into Seattle northbound I five traffic will be reduced to lanes. Tom Pearce with the department of transportation. Tells us it's the final weekend closure this year this year, so far we've already replaced a couple of miles of the concrete that makes up the freeway across all the lanes. We replace thirty seven old expansion joints lane closures again northbound I five this weekend from about Martin Luther King junior way all the way up to olive beginning at eight o'clock tonight and ending about five o'clock Monday morning using northbound four zero five and crossing five twenty to get into Seattle is one option. Another one is light rail, but expect major backups through the weekend. Expect traffic confusion on Seattle's waterfront this weekend. Southbound lanes of the Alaskan way viaduct will close from late tonight until early Monday morning to accommodate paving work on south Atlantic street at the same time the Alaskan way surface street will close overnight Saturday as crew shift lanes back to their original position out from under the viaducts work sets the stage for the upcoming tunnel. Opening and vita demolition rainier avenue south where it meets. I ninety will be closed through the weekend. That's going to be shut down at eleven. Clock tonight and reopened at five. AM Monday drivers can.

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