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Help for fire victims another midterm victory for a Republican. And for a democrat. I'm Evan Haning. President Trump visited fire ravaged areas in northern and southern California in paradise California FEMA director brought long said financial assistance to now homeless victims of the fires has begun. The worst disaster. Artiukhov levels of government now. Helping. Also. Call the number of known deaths from the fires a seventy nine about thirteen hundred people are unaccounted for while surveying fire damage in Malibu. The president was asked about the death of Saudi Arabian journalist and US resident Jamal cookie. Trump denied earlier reports that American intelligence link cook she's murder to a direct order from Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman assessed anything yet. It's too early. Premature report that's possible wanted to say, but we're gonna have a report on Tuesday that it'll be very complete democrat says narrows has captured a Republican held house seat in Orange County, California capping a route in which Democrats picked up six state congressional seats says narrow had been in a tight battle with Republican young Kim. For retiring congressman, Ed Royce is seat in the live video posting on Facebook democrat, Andrew gillum appeared with his wife RJ to concede. The Florida the governor's race to his Republican opponent are. Janai I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mr. desanta Santa's on becoming the next governor of the great state of Florida. That's Rhonda Santa's or Florida's.

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